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Enduring Powers of Attorney

An enduring power of attorney (EPA) enables you to choose a person (called an attorney) to manage your property and affairs in the event of your becoming mentally incapable of doing so.

An EPA is not an age-related document. Mental incapacity can occur for many reasons and can be temporary or permanent. Incapacity can occur as a result of a stroke, an acquired brain injury or other illnesses which affect mental capacity.

The procedure for creating and registering an EPA has inbuilt safeguards to ensure that your attorney cannot take control of your affairs until you have been medically certified as being mentally incapacitated.

The creation of an EPA has the great advantage that you choose the person/s who will take over control and management of your affairs; in the absence of an EPA a person must be made a Ward of Court in the event of mental incapacity and the Court will retain significant control of the person’s affairs.

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Enduring Powers of Attorney

An enduring power of attorney (EPA) enables you to choose a person (called

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