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Divorce & Separation

We can offer advice in the area of marriage breakdown which may lead to separation or divorce. We can also advise on matters specifically affecting children such as guardianship, custody and contact with parents.  

The area of financial provision is extremely important for all parties and it needs to be handled in a clear and efficient manner.  We aim to assist our clients in preparation of the documentation they might need in order to discuss and negotiate financial arrangements for future provision for all parties affected.


The approach we adopt is to try to avoid protracted litigation where at all possible.  It is our experience that the best service we can offer our clients is to try and make the process as non contentious as possible and to negotiate an agreement which can then be implemented by the parties.  This is clearly more cost effective but more importantly it positively impacts on the future working of the relationship between the parties, particularly where children are still dependant and everybody needs to be provided for into the future. 

The introduction of the Civil Partnership Act, 2010 has made radical changes to certain aspects of the law and we can provide advice in relation to that legislation where the circumstances arise.

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