Estate Adminstration & Probate

Being appointed an Executor of an estate or taking on the responsibility of Personal Representative of an estate can be daunting for any client. We aim to try and make the process as clear and as simple as possible for our clients and take on the task of dealing with all aspects of the administration of an estate, from the initial contact with financial institutions with which the deceased may have had an account or interest and from there to the filing of Inland Revenue Affidavit and preparation of all documents necessary to apply for the necessary Grant from the Probate office. Once the Grant issues then the next steps are to carry out the administration of the estate through to final distribution of the estate or transfer assets to beneficiaries in accordance with the Will or Rules of Intestacy. Finally an account will be prepared for the Executor or Personal Representative to set out clearly the administration of the estate and distribution of the assets.

In some cases the situation may arise where it may be necessary to vary the provisions of Will or to alter the distribution of the estate under the laws of intestacy. We can advise the Personal Representative of the steps which need to be taken and prepare the necessary documents and explain matters in as clear and concise a manner as possible.

The period following the death of a family member is a particularly emotional time and we feel it extremely important that every step we take is communicated clearly and carried through as efficiently as possible. There are cases where some family members are not happy about the content of the Will or the manner in which the estate is being administered and we can provide advice in those circumstances should our client feel that the Will should be contested or there is a dispute amongst beneficiaries about the Will or the manner in which beneficiaries have been provided for.