Debt Recovery Services

Cash flow is the life line of all successful businesses. Non payment of overdue accounts can seriously damage the profitability of even the healthiest business.

Devaney & Partners have a specialist team dedicated to the recovery of debts. We understand our Client’s need for efficient and cost effective recovery of overdue payments to avoid costly and damaging bad debt exposure.

Our specialist team have in depth knowledge and experience in all aspects of debt recovery. They have a broad knowledge base of working with all industries and client sizes.

Our team is trained in telephone techniques to extract as much information as possible from the debtor which aids the recovery process. In addition, we have the necessary negotiation skills to achieve optimum repayment schedules or settlement terms on a case by case basis.
The experience within the team ensures that the return for Clients is maximized.
Using advanced technology we have the capacity to process, monitor and control large volumes of cases thereby ensuring progress without delay.
Our aim is to provide you with the highest possible service to resolve your debt problems.

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